Stay happy and renewed out of business hours!

Being a woman is fun!


Don't let work wear you out!


We know how busy your life can get. Modern women have become independent, powerful, self-assuring. They walk on their own shoes and choose their path in life. And that is really amazing! But it has its cost.

A professional, busy life will often leave you with too little time for yourself. And that's no good! Even if you feel tired and desmotivated, you should find something else to do, something that you like. 

Surprisingly, finding new activities and going out more won't make you any more tired, but the complete opposite! It will refill you with new energy because you will feel enthusiasted about life again.

Meet with your friends or take some time out for yourself. It is good for your health, both mentally and physically. Don't let stress get on you, or you - and people around you - will regret the consequences.

Have fun!

Is there someone more passionate, more beautiful, more naturally passionate about life than a woman? Of course there isn't. We women are very special beings, full of potential and hungry to enjoy every single day of our existance. We want to have fun, meet with our friends, have romance and play and dance. And that is great! That is exactly how life should be lived.


Sadly, our days are filled with worries, work and schedules. We have to take care of a lot of things, and we would really like some help here and there. Yet we love our families and friends, and we would do anything to make them smile. Shouldn't we make something to smile ourselves as well? 


Have fun! Do what you like! Find something that fills you internally and give in to it! Life is too short to let yourself fade away in endless schedules and deep stress. Modern wise women know how to handle their compromises and still have time to gather, chat and laugh. Entertainment is out there, everywhere, day and night, here and there. You just need to know where to find it, what you will enjoy the most, and go get it!




We have a few tips for you!

That's right! We are a team of passionate women who are constantly looking to making the most out of our lives. We know a ton of places to go and plenty of things to do. Now, we will share our knowledge with you! So come around and stay for a while, you won't guess all that we have to tell you!

Check our blog for a lot of ideas on how to make your life better. We have reviews, advice and tips on all you need to know. Best activities for your free time, tips for a perfect night of seduction, info on the best nightclubs and pubs in any major city of the UK, where to hang out, we could go on forever with this! So jump now to our articles and start filling your mind with buzzing ideas!



Relaxed women with smiles on their faces.

"The stress of work was starting to get on me, I knew that I needed to stop but I didn't know what to do with my time. Nobody seems to realize that you have your limits and need some fun as well. Working Woman does."
Amanda Pattinson


"Working Woman and I have something in common: we believe that life is meant to be enjoyed. Nowadays, it's really hard to do it because you have to work a lot and worry and take care of many things. But I manage to find some time for myself and it does me good."
Linda Peterson.